Throughout 25 years of professional experience, in the fields of education and therapeutic intervention, I have helped hundreds of individuals find their own inner wisdom, confidence and clarity to create change and life-long transformation.  As a licensed mental health counselor, certified Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapist, author, trainer, therapeutic yoga instructor and meditation teacher, I have created a unique, comprehensive approach which addresses all aspects of you, no matter what your age, situation or stage of life.

My goal is to create a comfortable and respectful space in which you can develop more insight, empowered action, and self-leadership in your work and personal life.  I will teach you individualized practices which can bring you mental/emotional balance, confidence, and most of all: inner peace.  I integrate a range of effective styles and alternative approaches which you will find helpful in gaining a sense of satisfaction, relief and freedom.  I also provide self-inquiry and stress management techniques which you can practice throughout your day!

In my sessions, I like to keep things professional in a relaxed and straight-forward way. It is important to me that you experience an authentic, honest and respectful partnership, with humor and meaningful discussion. I'd like you to enjoy a creative and caring approach that offers you a broader awareness of what's possible for you. a holistic and health oriented therapist, I believe that change and healing are possible with an attitude of curiosity, courage and self-compassion.  If medication is a concern, I will work with you and your medical professionals to explore all possible strategies and options for your optimal health and wellness.

One thing's for sure... Life is really hard if we aren't centered in our own power, clarity and highest wisdom.  Despite times of stress, self-doubt, loss and change, there is a way to live a happier, more successful life.  Call or email me today for an appointment so we can begin the process!

... If you've decided that it is now time to take care of you, please click on my book below, for more information.  As you develop a better relationship with yourself, you will have better relationships with others.  Promise.

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