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Meditation Groups

- WILL BEGIN SOON.  (Please call for more information)

Reduce stress, slow down, quiet those busy thoughts, make an inner connection to your self, and find more peace of mind!  This is a gently guided, mindfulness meditation style, good for beginners as well as advanced practitioners.  The room is cozy and beautiful.  We start with a short reading, then do some gentle tension release stretches in our chairs (to help relax and release stress in the body), and then practice mindful breathing, some visualization, some time for silence and we end with a loving-kindness prayer for compassion toward self and others.  Cost is a voluntary donation (suggested amount: $10). Individual meditation is offered by appointment.

IFS Training for Professionals- 

Workshops and Consultation Groups offered throughout the year for those in human service type professions (i.e., teachers, ministers, counselors, social workers, life coaches).

For more information about any of the above groups, please call Wende at 716-440-5711

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